How To Maintain Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar lighting has the ability to enhance any outdoor space. Imagine giving life to your landscape,
perfecting every angle of that new pergola with glistening lights— but there’s a catch. You’re not sure
how to maintain your lighting, to ensure it’s working to its full potential.

We’ve prepared a few troubleshooting tips and tricks for your backyard pièce de resistance:

Q: “How long do solar lights need to charge?”
A: Solar lighting should be fully charged by sitting in direct sunlight for at least eight hours before use.
Q: “Why are the lights not turning on?”
A: Check that the light globe hasn’t died! Most LED globes last around 100,000 hours.

Q: “When should I clean my solar lights?”
A: The solar panel surface must be kept clean at all times to convert sunlight effectively.

Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Australia 2021

As the mercury soars and patience plummets, Australians are constantly searching for the perfect
solution to survive through harsh summer months.
Whether you’re looking for a portable, ducted or split-system, reverse-cycle with all the bells and
whistles—we’ve got you covered with our top three Mistral products:

  1. 40cm Misting Pedestal Fan
  2. Mistral-Aire Tower, Bladeless Fan & Air Purifier
  3. 16000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Electric Heaters Of 2021

According to a recent census study, 40% of Australian household electricity bills are dedicated to
heating costs alone. So, if you’re still feeling the chill, it could be because you’re using the wrong
heating for your home.

Radiant Heaters: these heaters are particularly great for bathrooms and bedrooms, as they emit
instant heat direct to your body.

Fan Heaters: this type of heater provides convective heat. This means that they’re able to warm
small rooms fairly quickly. Some of these models even have built-in thermostats to reduce energy
consumption. A bonus—these small heaters can usually be easily stored away in a cupboard!

Convector Heaters: these heaters made for insulated rooms with high ceilings, as they allow heat to
rise naturally. While it’s true that Convector Heaters usually take a while to effectively heat a room,
they also have a timer or thermostat to control the output.

How To Clean Your Air-Fryer

Cleaning your Air-fryer doesn’t have to be difficult, here are some pro-tips to ensure that you’re working smarter, not harder in the kitchen!

Here's What You'll Need:


  1. If you haven’t already—unplug your air fryer. Allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
  2. Remove the baskets and wash separately with hot soapy water.
  3. Now, use your damp microfibre cloth with dish soap to wipe down the interior.
  4. Flip the appliance upside down
  5. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the heating element.
  6. For baked-on grease—make a firm paste using water and baking soda.
  7. Scrub the paste into the stubborn greasy areas, using a soft-bristle brush.
  8. Dry all removable parts and the main unit before reassembling.