Best Electric Heaters Of 2021

March 30, 2021

In Australia, home heating is a major expense. A recent census study found that 40% of our household electricity bills are dedicated to keeping us warm in the colder months. So if you’re still feeling this winter chill and it could be because your heater isn’t right for your needs.

Our Mistral team has looked and evaluated; radiant heaters, fan heaters and convector heaters to determine which type would work best for each room in your house:

Radiant Heaters: These use some form of liquid as fuel (usually oil or gas) while emitting infrared waves which transfer their warmth onto surfaces like floors or walls. This makes them handy for larger rooms with high ceilings where other types might not reach well enough due to their limited heat radiation.

Fan Heaters: These are perfect for smaller and medium sized rooms with high ceilings, but that don’t have radiators or other sources of radiant heating installed. They can also be placed in corners to add extra warmth into a room where it might otherwise escape from the top because they emit their warmth at angles up towards the ceiling and outwards.

Convector Heaters: These use an electric current to create airflow which is then heated by either gas or electricity before being blown around as hot air through vents on convectors panels within your home. This type works great for small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and hallways which need localized heating due to them often having higher surfaces rather than thick walls that radiate heat