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Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter
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Five reasons why you need a Robovac for your home
Vacuuming, just thinking about this tedious but necessary chore, brings out an understandable groan of disapproval. It’s time-consuming, depending on how ample your living space is, and when you think you’re done, the floor is dirty once more. But what if there was a way to clean the floor witho...
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Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine vs Thermomix: How does our kitchen appliance stack up
The Thermomix has long been the go-to kitchen appliance in Australian households. All is thanks to its impressive ability to slow-cook, sous vide meals and much more. Making meal preparation a breeze. But, like all good things it does come at a cost. What if you could get even more versatility at a ...
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How Our Bar Fridge Will Fit Into Your Life
Looking for a fridge that combines style with functionality? The Mistral 117-litre Retro Bar Fridge is what you need. With its compact size and vintage design, this fridge is not only a practical appliance but also a statement piece that can enhance the aesthetic of any room.  Whether you aim t...
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What is a Steam Air Fryer, and where do I get one?
‘What is a Steam Air Fryer?’ seems to be the most asked question across ‘Air Fryer Fan’ pages sprawled across the internet. So, naturally—you asked, and we delivered. A Steam Air Fryer uses a built-in steam generator to steam vegetables and pastries without losing their moisture. The Steam...
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Quick Air Fryer FAQ’s With A Special Guest
Emily aka. @Foodplattermum is best known for her colourful platters, grazing boards and incredibleafter-school ‘snack-inspo’.Recently, we asked Emily what she really thought about her Mistral 10L Air-Fryer: Q. Are Air-Fryers healthier than regular frying? A. Absolutely! I used a lot of oil ...
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Best Thermomix Alternative 2021
After making its first appearance in major Aussie retailers in 2001, Thermomix has well-and-truly caused a stir in the industry! The all-in-one mixing, kneading, cooking machine capturedthe hearts of home cooks and chefs. It was love at first sight for over 400,000 Aussies. Theywatched in awe, as th...
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 How To Make Sure You Have The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home
The word ‘Mistral’ roughly translates to: A strong cold north-west wind in southern Franceand the Mediterranean. So, it’s no surprise that our brand knows best when it comes tocooling. Portable Cooling Units Let’s talk Portable Cooling Units: when buying a cooling unit, it’s important to c...
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How To Keep Your House Warm in Winter
Introduction It’s that time again. Where the daylight becomes a sliver, and the darkness of the night takes over. It’s a time of year when you might find yourself downing a warm mug of hot chocolate quicker than a glass of water. Winter is here to stay, so now might be a good time to […]...
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How To Maintain Solar Outdoor Lighting
Solar lighting has the ability to enhance any outdoor space. Imagine giving life to your landscape,perfecting every angle of that new pergola with glistening lights— but there’s a catch. You’re not surehow to maintain your lighting, to ensure it’s working to its full potential. We’ve prepa...
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Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Australia 2021
As the mercury soars and patience plummets, Australians are constantly searching for the perfectsolution to survive through harsh summer months.Whether you’re looking for a portable, ducted or split-system, reverse-cycle with all the bells andwhistles—we’ve got you covered with our top three M...
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