Five reasons why you need a Robovac for your home

April 2, 2024

Vacuuming, just thinking about this tedious but necessary chore, brings out an understandable groan of disapproval. It’s time-consuming, depending on how ample your living space is, and when you think you’re done, the floor is dirty once more.

But what if there was a way to clean the floor without carrying a heavy vacuum around the house? We have something for you.

The Mistral Robovac offers cutting edge technology with formidable suction power, meaning you will have something that looks stylish that completes the job with absolute ease.

Our Robovac is a testament to technological innovation meeting the practical needs of the modern-day household. 

In this blog, we will uncover five fantastic reasons as to why you should add the Mistral Robovac to your house


The Mistral Robovac redefines convenience in home cleaning by effortlessly integrating advanced technology into your daily routine. With its intuitive interface, a push of a button or a few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to initiate a thorough cleaning session. 

Redefining convenience in home cleaning, the Mistral Robovac effortlessly integrates advanced technology into your daily routine. Featuring an intuitive interface, at the press of a button, ensuring a pristine clean without the fuss of having to patrol the house.

Gone are the days of being forced into the mundane task of vacuuming. Now, you return home with a sensationally clean home without lifting a finger. Have a glass of red, or perhaps prepare dinner whilst the Mistral Robovac takes vacuuming out of your hands.

Moreover, with our innovative cliff and bumper-sensitive sensor, our robovac smoothly navigates tight and difficult spaces, leaving no nook or cranny untouched. 

Its agile movements and precision-driven sensors guarantee a comprehensive cleaning performance that surpasses the limitations of manual methods, setting a new standard of convenience in modern home maintenance.

Cutting-edge technology 

At the core of the Mistral Robovac is its unparalleled efficiency. Under the hood lies state-of-the-art cleaning technology, delicately engineered to deliver an elevated cleaning experience from your home.

Our robovac effortlessly navigates through your living room, kitchen, laundry room, and bedrooms, skillfully navigating obstacles like a midfielder sidestepping a would-be tackler. It provides comprehensive coverage of all living areas, ensuring every area is thoroughly cleaned at every attempt.

Adaptability is a prime feature of our robovac, seamlessly cleaning a diverse range of floor surfaces. Whether it's hardwood floors, tiles, or plush carpet, the Mistral Robovac’s dual-side brush can push through with ease. 

Got pets? We know how difficult pet hair can be to remove, however, that’s no issue with the aforementioned dual-side brush and powerful suction capabilities. More on that later.

With cutting-edge technology that ensures efficiency, reliability, and top-notch performance. You can rest assured that your home will be in tip-top shape when the Mistral Robovac is on patrol.

Dust defence

Did you know carpets accumulate up to 18 kilograms of dust yearly? Crazy right?

For those who manage allergies or asthma, the ability to clean their homes daily, or even more than once a day, can be a game-changer. Remaining vigilant in the fight for dust is absolute in the quest to improve air quality and boast significant health benefits for your home. 

Thanks to its powerful suction and intelligent navigation, the Mistral Robovac can systematically clean every corner of your home, leaving no space untouched. By removing allergens from your floors and carpets, the Mistral Robovac creates a healthier indoor environment, relieving allergy sufferers and promoting overall well-being. 

With its dedication to delivering a thorough and allergen-free clean, the Mistral Robovac is a trusted companion for households seeking to safeguard against allergies and maintain a comfortable living space.


The cornerstone of a strong defence is reliability, and to ensure your home is spotless you need a robovac that you can trust. With strong, consistent performances that repeatedly delivers results, the Mistral Robovac is perfect for your home.

Equipped with 90 to 100 minutes of running time, our Robovac is ready to cover significant ground. With ease, defending your home from dust and other challenges without issue.

Even as it diligently works its magic, meticulously cleaning every surface, the Mistral Robovac remains vigilant of its energy levels. When the battery inevitably runs low, you can rely on its intelligent navigation system to autonomously guide it back to its charging station. After a quick pitstop, your Robovac will be ready to ride again.

With an excellent attention to detail, the Mistral Robovac will leave no corner uncleaned. Whether tackling high-traffic areas of the home or the quietest room, our Robovac dedicates itself to maintaining immaculate cleanliness in all living areas. Setting the benchmark for reliable cleaning in your home.

Pet friendly

Our beloved furry companions bring boundless joy into our lives, but their presence also comes with inevitable messes. Shedding season descends upon us when the heat arrives, leaving trails of fur and an array of nature's gifts scattered across our floors. From dirt to leaves and other surprises, our homes become the canvas for their playful antics.

Fortunately, our Robovac dual-brush system is designed to tackle pet hair's challenges with unparalleled efficiency. It's not uncommon to discover that traditional vacuums fail to capture every stray strand of fur. In contrast, the Mistral Robovac is ready to ensure no fur is left behind.

Once you experience the convenience and effectiveness of our robovac in keeping up with your furry friends' antics, it becomes inconceivable to imagine life without one. 

With the Mistral Robovac as your trusty ally, you can bid farewell to the days of tirelessly chasing after pet hair and embrace a cleaner, more harmonious living space for both you and your beloved pets.


The Mistral Robovac is more than just an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It combines innovative thinking with efficiency and reliability. In your quest to keep your home clean and comfortable, our Robovac's intuitive design and sensibility ensure a spotless clean.

Thanks to its convenience and easy-to-use integration to any household, the Mistral Robovac is an essential home cleaning tool for anyone seeking to simplify their cleaning routine.

Make the most of your time and take the hassle out of vacuuming with the Mistral Robovac today. To find out more information regarding our robovac, click the product mentioned image below.