How To Keep Your House Warm in Winter

May 3, 2021


It’s that time again. Where the daylight becomes a sliver, and the darkness of the night takes over. It’s a time of year when you might find yourself downing a warm mug of hot chocolate quicker than a glass of water. Winter is here to stay, so now might be a good time to consider your heating options for the season ahead.

A Few Ground Rules: Before you jump into buying anything, stop what you’re doing! Think about your home. Is it insulated? Do you have curtains and blinds that shield your rooms from those unwanted draughts? These simple factors are important in choosing heating to not only work more efficiently, but to be as cost effective as possible.

Research Shows: According to a recent census study, 40% of Australian household electricity bills are dedicated to heating costs alone. So, if you’re feeling the chill, it could be because you’re using the wrong type of heating for your home.

Types of Heaters Ranked

Finding the best heating for your home isn’t always simple. So, we’ve made the search simpler than ever! We’ve compiled a list of what you need to know about the popular portable heaters of 2021:

Fan Heaters

This type of heater utilises the magic of convection heating! Fan Heaters are usually best suited to small spaces—often having the power to heat entire rooms. Leaving these on for lengthy periods of time will ensure that your space is staying at a rather consistent temperature over time.

Heat Lamps

Ever felt the after-shower-chill? As winter creeps closer, not even a boiling hot shower can do the trick of keeping your body warm as you make the speedy transition from towel-to-clothing. This is why Heat Lamps are perfect for your home! They provide a warm, glowing light that works wonders for confined spaces (like a bathroom), providing instant heat directly to your body.

Carbon Fibre Heaters

Surprisingly, Carbon Fibre Heaters contain a type of halogen lamp. This type of gradual heating provides a soft, radiant heat that instantly heats your frosty fingertips as you move closer toward it. Studies show that carbon infrared heaters actually provide more warmth to skin than any other heater—despite its low, soft radiant output.

Tower Heater

These types of heaters warm almost instantly. You can expect to see these heaters in bedrooms, living rooms or high-ceiling spaces. This is because Tower Heaters are renowned for proving an evenly distributed heat—making them efficient, and one of the most popular electric heaters on the market.

Column Heater

Cold winter nights are coming! Unfortunately, there’s only so much that a pair of bed-socks can do, when you’re shivering in bed late at night. There is a solution! It’s called a Column Heater.

Electric Column Heaters are perfectly safe to be left on during the night, providing a slow-burning heat that are guaranteed to keep you warm all night.

Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces are often misunderstood. Despite looking visually fabulous and providing a source of direct heat, most Electric Fireplaces only use around 120 volts, and draw around 1,500 watts of power to heat an entire house.

Radiant Heaters

Small yet powerful, Radiant Heaters are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and other confined spaces as they directly transfer heat to your body. As you might’ve already guessed, Radiant Heaters provide warmth through a heating element. The only downside—you might get pushed aside at family movie night, in an attempt to be seated in the prime position in front of the heater!

Convector Heaters

Convector Heaters are made for insulated rooms with high ceilings, as they allow heat to rise naturally. While it’s true that Convector Heaters usually take a while to effectively heat a room, they also have a timer or thermostat to control the output.

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