Quick Air Fryer FAQ’s With A Special Guest

August 10, 2021

Emily aka. @Foodplattermum is best known for her colourful platters, grazing boards and incredible
after-school ‘snack-inspo’.
Recently, we asked Emily what she really thought about her Mistral 10L Air-Fryer:

Q. Are Air-Fryers healthier than regular frying?

A. Absolutely! I used a lot of oil in my cooking, and now there is no need to
deep fry any meals.

Q. Do your kids notice the difference between regular frying and air-frying?

A. The kids love the new addition! They love all our new creations we
cook in the air fryer and love how crunchy and tasty all the food
comes out.

Q. What is the strangest thing you’ve tried cooking in your Mistral 10L Air-Fryer?

A. Pasta chips for sure. Strangely addictive!

Q. What is your favourite thing to make with your Mistral Air-Fryer?

A. Sweet potato cheesy balls and anything with puff pastry

Q. What’s something that you didn’t expect to learn about your air-fryer?

A. How much I would fall in love with it and use it daily. I honestly don’t know how I lived
without an air fryer for so long! A time saver and everything taste better than before!

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