Best Thermomix Alternative 2021

May 11, 2021

After making its first appearance in major Aussie retailers in 2001, Thermomix has well-and-
truly caused a stir in the industry! The all-in-one mixing, kneading, cooking machine captured
the hearts of home cooks and chefs. It was love at first sight for over 400,000 Aussies. They
watched in awe, as the all-in-one food processor sliced their food preparation time in half!
Fast-forward 20 years into the future, and the cooking industry has never been the same
since the ‘Thermomix’ was first released. The machine that ‘does it all’ revolutionised the
way we prepare meals, combine flavours and experiment with new techniques. Not only is
this all-in-one machine a kitchen bench staple for many Aussies—but it is still the most
popular birthday gift, wedding registry item and sits highly on those elusive ‘Add-To-Cart’
wish lists online.

Why? If this product changes the way that we cook at home, helps us to save time and
transforms our regular recipes into masterpieces—why are we constantly ‘waiting’ to be
gifted one of these superb items? The answer: the price tag! These machines can cost
anywhere between $1500 to $3500.

There is a solution: The Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine. This all-in-one food processor
is ahead of its game—fitted with a 7-inch touch screen display, users can easily access
130+ pre-set recipes to make cooking more convenient. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
connectivity, a large 3-Litre internal capacity, removable mixing attachments and adjustabl

It functions as a slow-cooker, steamer, kneader, juicer, grinder, and emulsifier. If these
functions aren’t enough—you can always chop, mix, shred, and weigh. This model has a
removable stainless steel mixing bowl that is oh-so-simple to clean!

The Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine has 1400W of power, meaning that it has the power to
deliver chef-quality results when it comes to cooking the perfect steak or baking the perfect

To find out more visit the Mistral Smart Kitchen Machine here.