Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine

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The Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine is an essential kitchen gadget. With a 7-inch touch screen display, users are able to select 130+ pre-set recipes to make cooking more convenient. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a large 3-Litre internal capacity, removable mixing attachments and adjustable timer.


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Your New Thermomix Alternative

It's time to make the switch! The Thermomix was a great machine, but it was too expensive. Our Mistral Intelli Kitchen Machine is perfect for all your cooking needs and will save you money in the long run. It has four main advantages over the outdated Thermomix: cheaper price, more durable design, faster heating up time and easier cleaning process. Introduce your kitchen to the Intelli Kitchen Machine which saves time and improves regular recipes into masterpieces.

Finally, An Affordable Multi-Cooker

The Mistral Intelli Kitchen Machine is the answer to your cooking needs with its versatility and affordability. This appliance will not only help you cook more efficiently but also save you money on kitchen appliances because it replaces three other devices - a steamer, blender, and fryer! The Intelli Kitchen Machine also comes with pre-programmed functions for the cooking process, which means less guesswork and more accurate cooking time. For those who are looking for a kitchen upgrade or want to save money on their home appliances, investing in an affordable Mistral Intelli Kitchen Machine is a great idea!

About Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine

All-in-one food processor and cooker
Family size 4.5 Litre Stainless Steel bowl (3 Litre working capacity)
8 Automatic programs - Knead, Steam, Slow cook, Boil, Food processor, Chop, Turbo and Weigh
Over 130+ preloaded recipes with simple step-by-step cooking instructions
Adjustable temperature and timer control
Large 7" touch screen control
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
Dedicated reverse function
Variable 12 speed control
Dedicated scale function
Full set of accessories included
1400 Watts