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Pie Maker Dumplings
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How To Make Deliciously Simple Tik-Tok Ricotta Toast!
Tik-Tok has yet again deciphered the code to creating a breakfast the whole family will love! All you’ll need is a Mistral Air-Fryer to complete the job.  Served with nutritious blueberries or wild-berries and honey, this simple recipe is packed with natural, non-artificial sweeteners for tha...
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How To Make The Perfect Low-Calorie Coconut Rice
With only 300-calories per serving, this Coconut rice will quickly become your new go-to pairing dish! Keeping in mind that this recipe serves 7-10, we recommend adjusting the measurements to suit your needs. What You’ll Need: How To:...
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How to Make Air Fryer Dumplings
What You’ll Need: DUMPLINGS SAUCE How To:...
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Chocolate Sorbet Recipe For The Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine
Don’t put your Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine away just yet! As the weather begins to heatup, your all-in-one Kitchen Machine will be best used to make frozen treats for the wholefamily. Try our delicious Chocolate Sorbet recipe today! What You’ll Need: How To:...
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How To: Use Your Air Fryer As A Dehydrator
At Mistral, we’re committed to showing you that our Air Fryers really can ‘do it all.’ In fact, oneof the many hidden talents of your Air Fryer could be staring you right in the face, but you’venever thought to try it out!De-hydrating fruit, vegetables and cured meats is the perfect way to g...
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How To Make Those Viral Air Fryer Pasta Chips
If you’re a Tik-Tok fanatic or you’ve simply managed to stumble across this trend online—you’ll knowthat Pasta Chips are taking over Aussie households!Here’s how to re-create the viral trend in just a few simple steps! What You’ll Need: 2 Cups Penne Pasta  1 Tablespoon Olive Oil&nbs...
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Get The Party Started With Your Pie Maker: Our Top 5 Party-Pie Recipes
Nutella Bombs Ingredients: 4 brioche burger buns 1/2 cup chocolate spread 1/2 cup icing sugar Method: Preheat your Mistral Pie Maker. Cut brioche buns in half. Spoon chocolate spread into brioche halves. Roll up into a ball shape. Lightly grease your Mistral Pie Maker with butter/olive oil. Place pi...
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Air-Fryer Taco Tuesday: Spice-up your weekly routine with Taco Tuesday! It’s fresh, simple, and guaranteed to be a family-favourite. This recipe was created using the Mistral 10L Digital Air Fryer. Ingredients ½ cup of shredded red cabbage ½ cup shredded carrot  1/4 cup fresh coriander ...
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EASY Winter Soup Recipes:
Granny’s Chicken Soup: Preparation Time: 25-30 minutes What You’ll Need: 1 carrot, peeled and quartered 1 onion, peeled and quartered 2 sticks celery, quartered 50g butter 500g shredded chicken breasts 50g plain flour 800g chicken stock How To: Combine carrot, onion and celery in the Mistral Sma...
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Recipe Spotlight: Make Fancy French Toast That Tastes Divine In 5 Minutes With Your Pie Maker
The Mistral Pie Maker makes it so easy to make things that taste great in no time at all. The team at Mistral have created this recipe to show you just how versatile the Pie Maker is. Follow this recipe to enjoy amazing Fancy French Toast in no more than a couple of minutes! Ingredients: […]...
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